What the Geek Squad client doesn’t know won’t hurt them

Geek Squad, the lovable collection of nerds in every Best Buy, may see a shake-up shortly. The Consumerist ran a 3-month sting on their operations and captured video of Geek Squad agents stealing customers’ computers for porn, images, and music. Check out the link for a video of the agents at work. From the article:

This is not just an isolated incident, according to reports from Geek Squad insiders alleging that Geek Squad techs are stealing porn, images, and music from customer’s computers in California, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia and elsewhere. Our sources say that some Geek Squad locations have a common computer set up where everyone dumps their plunder to share with the other technicians.

Can you blame them? Maybe this can be considered as the personal “tax” of having a strange man in white shirt and skinny black tie come into your home to fix your computer…

Rubber ducky, you’re the one!

After 15 years, the ducks will finally land.

29,000 plastic yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs broke free from a cargo ship 15 years ago.

Since then they have travelled 17,000 miles, floating over the site where the Titanic sank, landing in Hawaii and even spending years frozen in an Arctic ice pack.

And now they are heading straight for Britain. At some point this summer they are expected to be spotted on beaches in South-West England.

The ducks have traveled as far as Alaska and the Artic circle. In fact,

So precious to science are they that the US firm that made them is offering a £50 bounty for finding one.

See the map below for their path.

Kwik-E-Mart, live

The Simpons Movie will be released July 27 (I give the series one more season, tops, after the movie). 7-11 and Fox are engaged in a fascinating promotion.

Over the weekend, 7-Eleven Inc. turned a dozen stores into Kwik-E-Marts, the fictional convenience stores of “The Simpsons” fame, in the latest example of marketers making life imitate art.

Those stores and most of the 6,000-plus other 7-Elevens in North America will sell items that until now existed only on television: Buzz Cola, KrustyO’s cereal and Squishees, the slushy drink knockoff of Slurpees.

An interesting photoset is here.