Amazon uses Akamai

This post is for those of you who are intrigued by web services infrastructure providers.  For the rest of you, apologies.

Amazon is arguably the leading cloud infrastructure provider, through its Amazon Web Services subsidiary.  Tens of thousands of companies, from startups to global giants use or have used AWS.  In fact, the largest users of AWS include banks, pharmaceutical companies, and technology companies like Netflix (and of course Mediafly). itself makes use of AWS, as a way of eating their own dog food.

But apparently not everything has made that transition.  In the process of installing the Amazon App Store onto a new ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, I was sent an email from Amazon with a link to download the App Store application to the tablet.  The link is:
which redirects to:
which redirects to:

Even Amazon App Store, one of Amazon’s most visible new initiatives, is using Akamai’s CDN to distribute media over the web, and not Amazon’s own Cloudfront CDN.

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