Hotel Regulations

A friend of mine (David) sent me this some time ago, and I thought I would post it for the world. They are hotel regulations from a hotel that they stayed at in Dingri, Tibet. (Bold = my emphasis added)

1. Guests are requested to show their own valid papers to prove their identi-ties and to tell the reason for lodging when they check in at the hotel.

2. Every guest has the obligation to abide by the rules and regulations of the hotel, cooperate with the personnel in carrying out their duties and take good care of the
property in the hotel.

3. No guest is allowed to up anyone for the night or let anyone use his/her own bed in the hotel.

4. We are available saft-deposit box for valuables, cash ect at front desk. Entrust local public security bureau to keep your Weapon and important documents. Other wise the hotel will not be responsibility.

5. NO birds, domestic animals or other insanity articles are allowed to be brought into the hotel.

6. NO inflammable, explosive ,poisonous, radioactive or other dangerous articles are
allowed to be carried into the hotel. Nor is burning articles or letting off fireworks and firecrackers permitted in the hotel.

7. It is impermissible to install electrical equipments or use electrical heat-ers such as electrical stove, microwave stove, etc. in the guest room.

8. Strictly forbid any illegal and criminal activities such as fighting, gam-bling, drug taking or prostitution in the hotel. No guest should put up or circulate salacious books, pictures, photos, nor play such recording or videos. And drinking excessively making great noise or playing recorder loudly in the hotel is forbidden.

9. The authority of the hotel has right to reason with anyone who has violated regulations mentioned above. Those who violate the “Regulations Relating to the public order, Administration & punishment of the people’s Republic of China” or other administrative laws will be punished by the public security organs in accordance with the law. To those who have violated the “Criminal Laws of the people’s Republic of China” the public security and judicial organs will investigate and affix their responsibilities for the crime in accordance with the law.

JULY 8,2004

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