How I hate April 1

My morning and late day ritual usually consists of checking email then logging into Google Reader and scanning through RSS feeds to which I subscribe. Given my interests, most of these RSS feeds tend to be technology-oriented in nature.

April 1 invariably ruins this ritual. For some unknown reason, tech news sites and blogs simply love posting fake news articles on April 1, mixed in with their normal articles. They seem to think their audience loves this sort of idiotic bantering. I would link to them, but I don’t want to support this endeavor in the least; you can, however, witness the lunacy on TechCrunch, Slashdot, and even reputable news sites like CNET and NPR. Even sites I normally enjoy specifically for their straightforwardness, like Signal vs. Noise, join the fray, with terribly awkward results.

Come on people, stop the madness.

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