How to tether your Galaxy Tab (7″) to your Mac OS X

Oh, how resourceful we can become!

Faced with an Internet connection reminiscent of the 56kbps dial-up days while at work, I dove into finding a way to tether the Galaxy Tab 7″ with its unlimited data plan to my Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). It turned out to be easier than I expected.

  1. Plug your Tab into your Mac.
  2. On your Tab, navigate to Settings > Wireless and network > Tethering
  3. Check “USB tethering”
  4. On your Mac, open System Preferences > Network. You should see SAMSUNG Android in the left.

    Select it and choose “Advanced…”.
  5. In Vendor, select Samsung.  In Model, select GPRS (GSM/3G). In APN, enter the APN for your Tab. You can find the APN on the tab in Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > Access Point Names. Click OK.
  6. Back at the main screen, tap Connect. After a few seconds, the status next to SAMSUNG Android should turn green, and the Sent and Received bars should flicker green.

That’s it! Now wasn’t that easy?

3 thoughts on “How to tether your Galaxy Tab (7″) to your Mac OS X

  1. I can’t get past “4” as the Samsung does not appear linked. Verizon is purposely blocking the use of the hotspot, bluetooth, and tether. I have demanded a voiding of my contract with the companh

  2. Just tried this with TMobile. Could not connect. TMobile said I would have to download the software “Kies” and then have the tethering option turned on at TMobile and then I will be charged 14.95 per month. It is blocked unless you pay. No longer a free option.

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