I love this guy!

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“For a long time now there’s been too much secrecy in this city. Transparency and rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.” – Barack Obama

The new president effectively reversed a post-9/11 Bush administration policy making it easier for government agencies to deny requests for records under the Freedom of Information Act, and effectively repealed a Bush executive order that allowed former presidents or their heirs to claim executive privilege in an effort to keep records secret.

It may not be the type of thing that Mr. Bush wants to hear, however. Experts said Mr. Obama’s moves would have the practical effect of allowing reporters and historians to obtain access to records from the Bush administration that might otherwise have been kept under wraps.

How wonderfully refreshing!
Let the floodgates open on the secrets that the Bush administration tried oh so hard to keep secret. Exciting times, indeed.

2 thoughts on “I love this guy!

  1. To bad his “Stimulus” package became a open invite for federal programs.

    $1B for Amtrak
    $50mm for the NEA
    $650mm for digital TV conversion coupons
    $600mm extra for federal fleet of vehicles (on top of annual $3B)
    $7B for modernizing federal buildings

    Whats worse is that the economy will recover despite this pork and he is going to take credit for it.

  2. You are right, I don’t agree with everything he is doing. One could say it’s the bigger stuff re: stimulus plans. And it will be many years before any verdict is in on these actions of his.

    To me, however, the biggest blunders of the previous administration were:
    – Driving fear and panic into the populace with the farcical “war on terror”
    – Pushing hard against science, technology, and medicine as much of these disciplines conflict with his religious viewpoints
    – Stopping as many avenues of public discourse around policies and programs as possible by shutting off access to data and through other legal means.

    His tone and outright reversal against the previous administration’s policies has given me a favorable impression of the this administration out the gate. That’s what I was reacting to, more than anything else.

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