Presentation for Chicago Google Technology User Group (GTUG) #5

December 3, 2009

Cedric Hurst, David Parks and Jason Shah presented at the Chicago GTUG #5 event held at the Google Office in Chicago, IL on December 3.  Our topic: Getting REST with the Google App Engine and Android.  The goal of the presentation and accompanying demo were to:

  • Demonstrate the power and versatility of the REST framework
  • Illustrate how simple it is to build web services with Google App Engine that utilize REST with RESTlets
  • Integrate the App Engine service into an Android client

The demonstration focused on building Andraffle, an Android-based check-in and raffle system for events managed by  Source code for the demonstration can be found on Google Code.

The topic was intentionally very technical, to cater to our audience.

The full presentation is embedded below.

Getting REST – Part 2