PhotoSketch: I can’t wait to try this

A lot of press coverage hit my sources about PhotoSketch, an “Internet Image Montage” research project from five students at Tsinghua University and the National University of Singapore. It looks like an astounding piece of technology, and a lot of fun to play with. Unfortunately, the site was taken down due to an unbelievable amount of traffic (what’s called being “slashdotted”, named after a site is brought to the attention of the popular technology news site

With it, you:

  1. Draw a pencil sketch of what image you want to compile
  2. Label the items in the image
  3. Run the image through and get back a photo montage compiled from available online images.

Just let the pictures and video speak for themselves.

Sketch2Photo: Internet Image Montage from Tao Chen on Vimeo.

I wonder what the image in my previous post would translate to?

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