Small business 401K provider?

Does anyone have recommendations for a 401K provider for small businesses?
We are currently using SurePayroll with Sure401K/ePlanServices. This has been a complete disaster.

  • The numbers provided by both companies vary wildly for our Form 5500, and those differ from what our accountant thinks the numbers should be as well.
  • There is no single point of contact as these are two different companies.
  • For several problems the answer has been “don’t ask us, ask the other guys. We just get the number from them.”
  • We had to get our accountant involved as well, which has driven the cost up for this service dramatically, as no one at either company can provide a straight answer.
  • Emails and phone calls to both organizations have gone unanswered many times. We have to actively get someone on the phone, or then worry that our phone calls go into a black hole.

Before setting up the 401K, we were very happy with SurePayroll and recommended them to all of our friends. Now, however, that has changed.

Your suggestions are appreciated! Please post them below or email me directly.

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