Stay Tuned for more The Office

I have been watching a lot of television these days. A lot more than I like, at any rate. My favorite show these days is The Office.
One of the hooks that the show uses to keep you through the last commercial break is putting a short 5-10 second clip after the break. To alert you that they are doing this, a woman’s voice comes up saying “stay tuned for more of The Office”.

A few months ago, the original phrase used to be “stay tuned for more, The Office”.

Try saying these two versions out loud. Notice how much harder it is to say the original phrase?

2 thoughts on “Stay Tuned for more The Office

  1. That’s weird. It’s like my brain insists on inserting the ‘of’ between ‘more’ and ‘the office’, and it actually feels bad to say it the original way.

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