Nerdy Chicago Weather Joke

From Cheap Talk:

Q: How do you prove the existence of Spring in Chicago?

A: By continuity.

In February it was zero Farenheit. Today it is muggy and approaching 90. By continuity, Spring happened somewhere in between. But note that this existence proof is not constructive. It is of no help in telling us exactly when it was that Spring fluttered by. I must have been sleeping at the time.

Antidote du jour

One of my favorite blogs of the day is Naked Capitalism. The blog offers an almost increasingly despairing look at the economy and the politics behind making it better, and makes you want to crawl into a hole and hide for a couple of decades after you read it.

It is topped off by posts of “Links“, which contain a barrage of interesting and usually pessimistic links from across the news and blogosphere. At the end of each of these “Links” posts, however, contains a picture that author Yves Smith entitles “Antidote du jour”, usually contributed by a reader. Instead of describing the picture, I’ll post a few below.

Given the starkly negative (/realistic?) tone of the blog, “Antidote du jour” always makes me smile.

The Agreeable Cat

With all the hubbub around Facebook Terms of Service, I thought this post was especially on-the-mark:

My cat, Simba, agrees instead of me. As he is not a legal entity, I don’t really know how kitty’s agreements would stand up in court, but I like to think he would be responsible for any breaches of contract, assuming the agreement is even enforceable. After all, he is not even of legal age, at least in human years.

Full details about The Agreeable Cat here.

ADA files suit against McCain/Palin

I file this one under “funny” because, well, read on and you will see. Hopefully you will find the humor in it also. If not, you are a robot.

Sometime in the 1970s, the ADA coined the slogan, “Drill, baby, drill!” When the phrase was tested in Oregon in 2002, it was supposed to promote dental visits. Needless to say, it went over like a lead balloon. Thoughts of the dental drill don’t sit well with most people. So the ADA has never promoted the term in advertising. However, they retain the right to do so because the words are the intellectual property of the ADA.

The McCain/Palin campaign uses, “Drill, baby, drill!” in relation to energy. Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said in a recent speaking engagement that “Sink and exploratory well, baby, sink and exploratory well,” just doesn’t have the same ring. And she’s right. The crowd responded with “Kill the ADA!”