Large content sites and SEO

I’ve always been fascinated with large content sites, domain authority, and long-tail SEO. The idea that one can create a lot of content targeting a specific niche, get that content indexed, and reap benefits of that investment over years through monetizing long-tail SEO, always seemed like magic.

The biggest barrier to entry was always that first part: creating high-quality content that targets a specific niche.

Today, after many years of percolating on this idea, I launched an experiment: a glossary of dental terms, hosted at The term list and definitions were built over time as a part owning the web presence for Forever Dental, with some assistance of large language models to flesh out some missing areas. The design and user interface are intentionally minimalistic, as I want this to be free and clear of ads and clutter. Hosting is intentionally incredibly simple. Not quite static-site, but heavily cached and running on a simple service. The glossary concept is incredibly repeatable too, so if this experiment works, it is scalable across niches.

And just like everything, it started very simply!

Relatedly, I found a fan page for Forever Dental. Turns out, people do love their dentist!

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