What the Geek Squad client doesn’t know won’t hurt them

Geek Squad, the lovable collection of nerds in every Best Buy, may see a shake-up shortly. The Consumerist ran a 3-month sting on their operations and captured video of Geek Squad agents stealing customers’ computers for porn, images, and music. Check out the link for a video of the agents at work. From the article:

This is not just an isolated incident, according to reports from Geek Squad insiders alleging that Geek Squad techs are stealing porn, images, and music from customer’s computers in California, Texas, New Jersey, Virginia and elsewhere. Our sources say that some Geek Squad locations have a common computer set up where everyone dumps their plunder to share with the other technicians.

Can you blame them? Maybe this can be considered as the personal “tax” of having a strange man in white shirt and skinny black tie come into your home to fix your computer…

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