How stupid are some people?

A new web service is pushing beyond the traditional information-sharing lines found on Twitter, Facebook, and their social brethren (names, hometowns, birthdays, pictures, etc.). intends to show to the world exactly what you purchased through your credit cards. You sign up, enter your credit card details, and choose how much data you want to share to your social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).


Why would anyone want to do this? What benefit is there from my friends seeing how much I purchase at a given retailer? How is the world better now that it knows that I spent $27.53 at to buy a pack of AAA batteries and the latest Dan Brown novel?

If you think this idea is as ridiculous as I do, and agree that all those people who put their private financial information at risk for absolutely no benefit are incredibly stupid, you’ll be thrilled to know that only one day after “going beta” and being introduced on TechCrunch, the site is now tracking over $1M of sales.

Of course, this information is invaluable for Blippy. Private purchase data, ripe for analysis and resale, all at their disposal.

By the way, this company was founded by the creator of F*ckedCompany, the once-popular 2000-ish website that tracked layoffs across large and small companies alike. At least now you can understand what kind of minds dream up this stuff.